I wanted to let you know that we really like the fleece.  My daughter likes the fuzzy side being on the inside.  We have an old, drafty house (especially noticeable today as we are having single digit temperatures outside!) and she is wearing the 2 piece fleece pajama sets as her normal clothes during the day.  I'm not having to layer underneath as much as I did with the velour to keep her warm.   For the sleep sacks, we like both the fleece and the velour.  I like having  the 2 options for cold weather.

Renfrew, PA

Just wanted to let you know how much we are loving the sleepsacks! We hadnever really used them with Eliana, first because she slept in our bed andwas always cozy and warm, later because I never knew they came with footholes. Our new place is pretty chilly at night/mornings and Eliana alwayskicks her blankets off. I don't know if it was a coincidence but right aroundthe time we started using the sacks she also started sleeping through thenight! Now that's a testimonial :) She loves her 'model' jammies and alwaysasks for and puts on her sleepsack all by herself. What a special gift tohave. A big thank you to you and your amazing clothing line. I will always bea fan.

Westhaven, CA
Your company is great. I made the mistake of buying a pair of "natural cotton" jammies from another company and learned my lesson- they were terrible!I'll never cheat on you guys again....
Portland, OR

Just wanted to write a note to say how much I love your sleep sacks. I appreciate that you make sizes for bigger toddlers but without foot holes. I love the simplicity of the design and the cover for the zipper. I will be back when the weather gets colder for the velour ones!  Thanks again. 

Fenton, MO
We love your stuff! My go to present now for friends. 2 more footies for friends. Also, we had a professional photographer come and take family photos and our 3 year old refused to take off her "comfy cozies", so I will send you a professional photo once I get it back! Though we love your stuff, I didn't intend for the comfy cozies to make an appearance in the family photo... 


Alameda, CA