I would  just like to say thank you so much for your wonderful quality of sleepwear, It feels like I have been complaining so much lately to many other companies about their disposable clothing and products, it seems as if  nothing is made to last anymore and the quality of  items these days is junk, I am  so happy to have found your company , not only have your items have lasted though dozens of washes, but they also will get to be hand me downs to my other little ones, they are beautiful, comfortable, & quality.  Your items are the only items that have lasted the past  last year with out any seam rips, holes , defect of any sort -----every other piece of clothing that I purchased for my babies,  I can not say the same for....Thanks again--- We love your shop, and will be back for lots more & of course tell our friends:)

San Jose, CA

These are the best sleep sacks I have ever used! Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product, this is now the third set of sacks (warm and light) that I am purchasing for our growing baby girl!

San Francisco, CA

My daughter is in love with her new pajamas. Even though I do not need two pairs of the same size, I'm keeping both. Good quality and well done. Thanks again.

Falls Church, VA

I recently purchased your Sleeveless Organic Cotton Velour Sleep Sack.  Iabsolutely love it. My daughter is two and the extra-large long fits herperfectly.  The sleep sack weight is great for her chilly bedroom (we keep itaround 65 degrees in the winter).  The quality is exceptional.  I know I amputting my daugther to bed in a warm, quality product.  Thank you foroffering a product I can feel great about using with my little one.

Douglassville, PA

Our kids love your sleep sacks! So much so that they carry them around for snuggling purposes like they're loveys. Whenever our older son gets hurt or sad, he immediately asks for a sleep sack, and cuddles it until he's feeling better. Thanks for making such a great product!

Wayzata, MN