you make the absolute best sleep products for children. my son has gone through 3 of your sleep sacks. so glad to see you also make PJs! 


New York, NY

Our daughter loved the last 2 sleepsacks and has now grown her way into the next size. Thank you for doing what you do. Your clothing is so soft and well made.

Santa Rosa, CA

Finally a long sleeved sleepsack for winter nights! I cannot understand why all the other sleepsacks out there are sleeveless, especially the ones intended for winter use. My baby's arms were always so cold last winter!This velour sleepsack is so soft and nice & thick (not like some of the thinner cotton/polyester blend velour material you sometimes see), it will keep your baby at least as (if not more) warm as in the polyester fleece Halo sleepsacks you usually see, only it is 100% organic cotton and therefore so much more soft, breathable, and comfortable, and chemical free! (Think about how much time your baby spends in these!) The body is generously sized and roomy and the arms are a bit more fitted (can comfortably fit a long-sleeved knit cotton pajama under it). The sizing is true to size (unlike Halo, which runs small). My 13 month old (who is 50th percentile height/weight) fits the 12-18 month with enough room to grow through this winter.I wish I had discovered these when my baby was younger (she is already 13 months) and wish I had never used those old polyester fleece ones you see everywhere! (Polyester makes baby sweaty.) Highly recommended. In case you are hesitating bc of the higher price compared to the cheap polyester fleece ones, think of it as buying a blanket (except it covers BOTH sides of the body!) that you will use every night - it's very reasonable for a blanket that will give your baby warmth and a comfortable night's sleep all winter long!

Walnut Creek, CA.

I love this company! I have been trying to get mostly organic things for my 8 month old since before she was born. I purchased the footy pajamas from castle ware for her in the smallest size and she basically lived in them until she out grew them (defiantly our favorite above the other organic cloths we purchased.) I ordered two pair in the larger size which she is currently out growing. I have the next size up to mover her into. The velour PJ's are my favorite, they are so cuddly and comfy and she just feels like a little teddy bear in them. I LOVE that they are all organic and made in this country so there is much less chance for "bad" things to happen to them (like being sprayed with something at time of import or not being what they say they are.) I loved the PJs so much that I ordered the velour organic blanket, another of our favorite items. These things are not cheap, but you can feel the quality in them. I have now purchased the sleep sack with foot holes and a couple shirts that she is so cute in them and it is all so comfy with much attention to detail. The clothes are not super delicate or dressy but for at home I just want her to be safe and comfortable. I have also asked questions about items and was answered very quickly. I made a mistake with my order and it was resolved easily with the help of someone from the store (owner?) I am struck by what a wonderful company they have been to deal with and can't wait to get more items from them as they expand their offerings. (if they sold PJs for big kids I would buy them, too!)



Spartanburg, SC
I received my package yesterday and am thrilled! The blankets are just as I was imagining and worth every penny!!! They are beautifully made and I know my kids will LOVE them! Can't wait for them to see them in their Easter baskets! I'm so glad I inquired about them and am so glad you had some left. I'm so happy I was able to get a pink and a blue one for my girl and boy……….too cute! Also, I'm so glad to have the sleep sacks for the remaining sizes. I can't believe how good my little 7 month old is sleeping since we starting using them! He's so warm and cozy now.
Seattle, WA