Organic Velour Newborn Footie

This best selling footie has all the features you are looking for it is great fitting, soft, warm and most importantly it is breathable! Made from our ever populer 100% organic cotton velour It features a separating zipper that opens from the bottom for easy diaper access. Soft elastic gathers in the fabric behind the ankle so your babies feet stay securely inside the foot area.  Cuffs at wrist and neckline made from organic cotton in un-dyed natural. Gusseted crotch.  Fabric is not treated with fire resistant chemicals.  Available in four colors.

colors: natural, moss green

Machine wash and dry, fabric is preshrunk.

XS: newborn- 3 mos. 7-14 lbs. Length of footie is 17 1/2 inches. Fits a baby up to 24 inches in length.