Sleeveless Fleece Toddler Sleeper Bag

Get ready for spring and save 30% on select close out colors. Organic cotton fleece sleeper bags with feet hole openings.


Body of sleepr bag is natural, undyed fleece. Contrasting trim available in 6 colors; natural, navy blue, moss green, periwinkle, rose pink and slate grey.

Close out colors: Navy Blue, Periwinkle, Slate Grey

Generously sized to allow for growth so there is no need to size up. Baby and Newborn sizes also available under those headings.

  • Lrg (20-28 lbs) measures 29" from shoulder seam to top of cuff.
  • XL/2T (26-36 lbs) measures 32" from shoulder seam to top of the cuff.
  • 3T (36-46 lbs) measures 37" from shoulder seam to top of the cuff.


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  • Made with 100% organically grown and processed cotton.  Fabric is not treated with flame resistant chemicals.
  • Fabric is made in South Carolina. Garments cut and sewn in Los Angeles and Eureka CA.
  • The "fuzzy" side of the fabric faces inside towards the baby.
  • TOG rating of 1.5, we recommend this sack for rooms in the mid 60's. A great three seasons sack or year round in moderate climates.
  • YKK separating zipper is reversed so zipper opens from the bottom up for easy diaper access. Zipper is backed by a placket for protection and comfort. 
  • Feet hole openings allow your early walker or toddler to stand and move about.
  • Fold back cuffs at ankles allow you the option of closing off the feet hole openings at night. The cuffs are folded back over the models feet in this product picture.
  • Machine wash and dry, garments are preshrunk.