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Close Out Colors Sleeveless Velour Toddler Sleeper Bag

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All CastleWare Sleeper Bags run true to size with room for growth so there is no need to size up.
Sleeper Bag for Walkers Length: top center of neck to top of cuff + 2” fold back cuff

Size: Medium 6-12 months Height: 27-34” Weight: 19-27 Lbs. Length: 26.5”
Size: Large 12-18 months Height: 32-39” Weight: 25-30 Lbs. Length: 29”
Size: 2T 18-24 months Height: 35-42” Weight: 28-40 Lbs. Length: 31.5”
Size: 3T 24-36 months Height: 40-46” Weight: 32-45 Lbs. Length: 34.5”
Size: 4 36-48 months Height: 42-49” Weight: 36-50 Lbs. Length: 37”

Our warmest bag without sleeves allows for more layering options such as a fleece footie for really cold nights.

  • Made in the USA
  • Not treated with flame resistant chemicals.
  • Made with two layers of fabric. Plush velour lined with rib knit.
  • Feet hole openings allow your toddler or early walker the ability to stand and move about.
  • Fold back cuffs at ankles allow you to close off the feet hole openings at night.
  • Separating zipper is reversed so zipper opens from the bottom up for easy diaper access. Zipper is backed by a placket for protection and comfort.
  • Machine wash warm, tumble dry. Preshrunk
  • 100% GOTS certified organic cotton velour and rib knit

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Velour Ultra soft and plush. This knitted fabric is the queen of comfort; our most deluxe fall and winter fabric. We line this fabric with rib knit to produce our warmest winter weight sleeper Bags.

TOG rating for Close Out Colors Sleeveless Velour Toddler Sleeper Bag
TOG ratingAmbient room temperature
3.058-65 F

The TOG rating describes the warmth or thermal resistance of a fabric, and is widely used in the UK and Europe to describe warmth levels of duvets, blankets and sleeping bags. The higher the TOG rating, the greater the warmth.