6 Habits You Should Embrace to Help Your Family Weather Tough Times

Fireworks, celebration with family and friends, counting down to midnight - we all love ushering in a new year. We love the scent of fresh hope a brand-new year offers. We love the clean slate it hurls our way. We can start all over and give our dreams another shot. 

The last one year has however been a roller coaster ride. The coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of pain and thrown our lives into disarray. So here we are, tiptoeing into 2021, hoping that we get to flip this pandemic on its head soon. 

Meanwhile, we may need to work a little harder to keep our spirits up. We may need to tweak our lifestyles a little to preserve the giggles in our homes. Here are 6 habits that you can adopt to help your family pull through this grueling season.  

1. Sneak in Some Exercise

Let’s be honest, we are now moving around a lot less. Working from home, being in quarantine, limited access to the gym are all recipe for a sedentary lifestyle.   

Yet exercise is critical for good health. Breaking a sweat injects so many perks into the body, just what we are scraping for in this pandemic.  Here are some of them:

  • Boosts mood and keeps you happy 
  • Lessens anxiety and depression
  • Prevents chronic diseases like diabetes, stroke, and high blood pressure
  • Improves sleep and relaxation
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Improves memory and brain health
  • Boosts energy 

You can start with outdoor exercises like walking, running, cycling and jogging. You however need to check with your local health department to verify if they are allowed in your area. Remember to adhere to the COVID 19 safety measures while at it.   

If you are in quarantine or isolation, you can explore home exercises

2. Get Creative

There’s no better time to let your creativity loose than when you are writhing in the trenches of despair. Doing something creative is a balm to the soul. It deflects your thoughts off despair and reinforces your self-worth.

Do you fancy knitting or gardening? Do you itch to play the violin or learn a new language? There’s an array of creative activities to choose from. It will boost your mood, snuff out anxiety, and perk up your self-esteem. 

Albert Einstein sums it up beautifully with this quote “Creativity is intelligence having fun”. Go ahead and have some fun. 

3. Rev up Your Playlist

What is the fastest way of sending a fussy baby to slumberland? − Singing them a lullaby. Parents have used music as an antidote to stress all along, probably without realizing it. 

Research indicates that music helps alleviate stress and anxiety.  Slow, quiet soothing music can help slow the heart rate, decrease stress hormones and even lower blood pressure. 

It's little wonder that music is effectively used to soothe patients before surgery. Music grabs our attention and distracts us from the flurry of hurdles around us. It also helps us process our emotions. 

Try some soft calming music such as classical music to help calm your nerves. 

4. Dance Your Cares Away

Dancing with your loved ones will not only keep you warm in the frigid winter weather but will also help your body release any pent-up tension. 

Dancing is a great form of physical activity, so it keeps you fit. It also helps you stock up on your “happy hormones” – the almighty endorphins. 

Dancing also suppresses the stress hormones. Additionally, it helps you bond with your loved ones because it paves way for laughter and physical touch.

 Eager to smoke out boredom and stress from your home? Round up your loved ones, put on some music, and let everyone break into a jig.


5. Connect With Nature

Beholding nature is another stress buster. Unsurprisingly, nature is loaded with a boatload of restorative benefits to an ailing soul.  

Getting an eyeful of rolling hills and crashing waves will help you snuff out anger and fear. It will inspire awe and help lower depression and anxiety. 

Even a simple nature walk outdoors can offer you the aforementioned benefits. Just be sure to adhere to the COVID 19 safety measures.

6. Keep Family and Friends Close

We are social beings. Our hearts desperately hanker for human connection. While this pandemic has done a neat job of isolating us from each other, all is not lost. 

We have technology in our corner. We can still hold our birthday parties via zoom and connect with relatives and friends through video calls.

Do all it takes to keep in touch with your family and friends. It will keep your soul alive.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes it takes a little more effort to stay afloat. Adapting these six habits will not only help your family weather the storm but will ultimately enrich your lives.