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For the same reason that you love your favorite tee shirt, we love cotton knits for babies and kids. Garments made from knitted fabrics are comfortable and have the right amount of stretch to allow for freedom of movement while knitted fabrics made from cotton are soft, warm and breathable; the perfect combination of characteristics for sleep and loungewear in our opinion. On top of all that goodness our fabrics are made in the USA with GOTS certified organic cotton.


close up image of moss green rib knit pajamas

A light/mid weight fabric. Soft with plenty of stretch across the width due to the nature of the ribbed knitting. Naturally stretchy without the addition of synthetic lycra fibers. Our most popular summer weight fabric. Also a great innermost layer in the winter time. We use this fabric for everything! From sleep wear to play wear to swaddling blankets. Wears like iron and holds up beautifully to repeated washings. We rate garments made with rib knit with a TOG rating of 1.5, suitable for an ambient temperature range of 66 - 80 F. 

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close up image of winter mint fleece fabric with white daisies on each side

A dense yet lightweight fabric that is soft and cuddly. Kids love this fabric because the fuzzy side is on the inside. A classic American fabric that is now close to impossible to find in 100% cotton, let alone organic cotton. We use this fabric for our core sleepwear basics for its comfort, warmth and breathability. A great three seasons sleepwear fabric in many climates or year round in temperate climates. We rate garments and swaddle blankets made with fleece with a TOG rating of 2.0, suitable for an ambient temperature range of 61-68 F. Lined blankets such as the toddler blanket and the adult throw, we give a TOG rating of 3.0 because there are two layers of fabrics. Making these blankets suitable for an ambient temperature of 58-65 F.  

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Close up on natural velour and moss green blanket

Ultra soft and plush. This knitted fabric is the queen of comfort; our most deluxe fall and winter fabric. We line this fabric with rib knit to produce cozy blankets that have just the right amount of weight to make kids feel secure without being overly heavy. We rate blankets made with velour and rib knit fabrics with a TOG rating of 3.0, suitable for an ambient temperature of 58-65 F. 

 What is a TOG Rating?

 The TOG rating (Thermal Overall Grade) describes the warmth or “thermal resistance” of a fabric, and is widely used in the UK and Europe to describe warmth levels of duvets, blankets and sleeping bags. The higher the TOG rating, the greater the warmth is. The TOG rating is only a guide and not a safety or warmth standard.

 Chart listing TOG rating and related ambient temperatures.


For all CastleWare fabrics, the instructions are the same. For best results, turn the garment inside-out, machine wash warm, tumble or line dry. Do not use fabric softeners or dryer sheets. Learn more about caring for your CastleWare items.


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