Best Baby Sleep Practices: Mattresses and Bedding

Every parent dreams of their newborn sleeping all through the night without any fuss. A parent also dreams of their baby sleeping long enough throughout the day to be able to complete all their tasks for the day. 

To this end purchasing the right mattress for your child's crib is an extremely important decision since your child will sleep between 12-18 hours per day in their first year of life and as a parent, you will want to ensure that your child's mattress is safe as well as non-toxic.  

It’s important that your baby has a firm, flat mattress that fits snuggly into the crib with no more than one inch of space between the mattress and the side of the crib. Keep loose blankets, toys, pillows, and bumper's out of the crib. Make sure the mattress pad and crib sheet fit securely around the mattress corners so they will not slip during the night. Keep the mattress at its highest setting to start and lower it as your baby learns to sit and stand. 

Be aware of toxic chemicals in crib mattresses as well as the waterproof coverings and flame retardants. As a new parent do your due diligence to research the healthiest product for your precious new family member. Consider choosing fabrics that are organic, breathable, and moisture-wicking so heat and sweat don’t build up below and around your child. Finding the right mattress and bedding certainly helps to keep your baby happy, comfy, and safe during sleep-time, whether day or night.