Best Baby Wear For Traveling and Camping: A Complete Guide to Make Your Trip Less Bumpy


Boy walking next to parents, holding hands. Wearing a grey cotton fleece romper with rubber boots, down vest  and a knit cap.

Oh the boundless joy that spring shoves our way! We are clutching onto this year’s spring a tad tighter. We are clinging onto whiffs of hope that the world can go back to being our oyster. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic seemingly loosening its vicious grip, we can’t wait to scurry off on road trips, travel to see relatives, and even go camping. 

If you are traveling with your baby in tow, you want to ensure that your little one remains unruffled as much as possible. What you don your baby in plays a huge role in keeping them calm.

Which is the best baby wear for traveling and camping? This article will help you keep your tot as snug as a bug in a rug as you scoot off.

1. Choose Breathable Clothes

We cannot overstate the importance of dressing your baby in breathable clothes. You will have snuffed out half of the woes that traveling with a baby presents. 

Breathable fabrics absorb moisture from the body and release it through the fabric. That means that no moisture is trapped between the body and the material, keeping your baby very comfortable. 

When traveling especially by road, babies can get awfully hot as they remain tethered to their seats.  Dressing them in breathable clothes will snuff out the risk of overheating, a common cause of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), and keep them cool. 

Cotton goes down as the most breathable material. We suggest that you don your baby in cotton clothes during the trip. 

2. Choose Practical and Comfy Clothes

This may be the wrong time to pull out your daughter’s floral dress or your son’s crisp tuxedo. Choose clothes that are both comfortable and practical. If for Baby in car seat wearing a organic cotton fleece footie in natural with grey and natural striped trim at cuffs and toes instance, your baby uses diapers, dress them in clothes that will allow you to change them easily. 

Tip: Dress your baby in this Organic Cotton footed sleeper during the trip. It has a zipper that opens from the bottom, making diaper changes a breeze. It is also very comfortable on a baby's skin since it is made from organic cotton. 

3. Avoid Overdressing Your Baby in High Temperatures – Use a Long Sleeve Sleeper Bag

It’s easy to regulate your baby's room temperature at home but what about when you scoot off to the wild? If you are pitching your tent in a hot area, you need to ensure that you do not overdress your baby at night. 

We know that you may be tempted to stack the layers in a bid to keep your little one safe from bugs and insects. 

If you want to keep your baby just a little warm and all covered up without overheating them, consider using a Long Sleeve Organic Cotton Sleeper Bag.

baby sitting up and smiling at the camera. Baby is wearing a long sleeve rib knit sleeper bag in mint with natural trim binding and zipper

You can use it alone without any other layers underneath if the temperatures are very high. The sleeper bag is a brilliant alternative to using a blanket that your child can easily kick-off at night.  

It is made from organic cotton and is therefore breathable. Your tot’s body moisture will be released through the fabric, leaving them cool and comfortable.  

4. Layer Your Baby if Camping in Frigid Weather

Camping is a heap of fun during the day as you engage in scavenger hunts, fishing, canoeing, and bird watching among other exhilarating activities. But when the sun sets, the biting cold air creeps in and may dampen the party. 

If you have traveled to or are pitching your tent in a place that gets frosty at night, you need to dress your baby in breathable layers to keep them toasty at night. Breathable clothes trap heat in between the layers, keeping your baby warm. 

Baby kneeling on porch wearing an organic cotton footie pajama in honey with a grey knit cap that has honey colored pompoms on top.

You can for instance dress your baby in a cotton onesie  underneath, and then add a Cotton Fleece Footie and finally a Cotton Velour Sleeper Bag. You can peel off one layer as you deem fit during the night.

  5. Schedule Your Trip Wisely

 Let’s face it, kids get fussy while traveling. They don’t   fancy the idea of sitting still for hours on end. You can   save yourself the agony of traveling with your kids yelling   on top of their voices by scheduling your trip during their nap times. 

Better still, you can choose to travel just before dusk after they have had their dinner. In this case, don them in their pajamas as they will most likely trail off to slumberland during the trip. If you are lucky, you can put them to bed on arrival without rousing them. 

6. Pack Versatile Clothes

Packing your baby’s items for a trip can be overwhelming. You have a winding checklist of essential items, not to mention the oodles of clothes your child needs. 

We have a smart trick for you. Did you know that some of your baby sleepwear can double up as playwear? You don’t have to change your little one hastily in the morning. You can let them linger in their Pajamas or Rompers as you fix breakfast. 

7. Don’t Forget Your Baby’s Lovey

Babies hanker for comfort and security. That's why most of them cherry-pick one snugly object and clutch on it especially when they are feeling a little flustered. 

Whether it’s a stuffed animal or a plush snuggly blanket that helps calm your

baby reaching for organic cotton velour lovey on table. Lovey is all natural with a green rubber frog sitting next to it

baby, you need to tag it along in your trip. Lovey's help babies cope with change and transition smoothly. 

And talking of comfort, if your baby uses a pacifier ensure that you carry extra pieces. You don’t want to keep your fellow campers awake because you lost your tot’s pacifier. 

Final Thoughts

Traveling with a baby involves meticulous planning. Babies derive comfort and security from familiar items so ensure that you purchase your baby’s sleepwear, lovey's and pacifiers beforehand. Remember that your baby’s comfort should be the overriding factor in every garment you pick out for them.