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Choosing the Best Baby Pajamas for Your Loved One

Are you concerned about your baby’s health and safety, both while they’re asleep and awake? We’re sure you are, and so are we. This is why we ensure that we provide safe pajama options for parents to use with their delicate little ones. Apart from ensuring comfort and quality, CastleWare Baby closely follows the guidelines of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to provide you with the best baby pajamas for your loved ones. 

When looking for pajamas and clothing for your babies, it is essential to pay attention to the strict laws and regulations outlined by the CPSC for kids’ and babies’ pajamas. We’ve taken the time to outline everything you need to know about these stipulations in this article.

 CPSC Pajama Fire Safety Guidelines

The CPSC has implemented a national flammability safety standard for all sleepwear made for babies and toddlers sold in sizes larger than 9 months. The guide outlines that these should be flame resistant, and must pass a specific flammability testing or be snug-fitting (according to specifically defined clothing measurements by the CPSC).

This fire regulation is set to prevent the occurrence of burn injuries if your child becomes exposed to small ignition sources such as candles or even space heaters. Under the guidelines, baby clothing sold in sizes under 9 months is not required to be flame retardant. This is because most babies have typically limited mobility and therefore are less likely to come into contact with open flame. 

For years, polyester pajamas have been an accepted standard by the CPSC, which most of us are probably familiar with. Although it is flame resistant, this non-breathable and potentially rash-causing material would also at times be treated with flame retardant chemicals to make it fully fire-resistant. This has however been proven to pose more health risks for children. Even with “safe” flame retardant chemicals, you can never be too trusting of the side effect. It is much safer for your child to stay away from polyester pajamas in general but it is especially important to stay away from polyester or any other material blend pajamas that are labeled as fire-retardant. 

Loose-fitting pajamas are said to pose a fire hazard for children - except in the case of polyester children's pajamas since the fabric is already flame resistant. Snug-fit pajamas made of cotton blends, being the alternative solution, have been approved by the CPSC.  Since snug-fit pajamas are close-fitting, there would be little to no room for air to fuel a flame in the event of a fire. So, they are not typically required to be fire resistant and therefore would not be processed with toxic, flame retardant chemicals. However, according to the regulations, all snug-fit cotton pajamas for babies and toddlers (size 9 and up) should be properly labeled with a yellow hangtag warning. This hangtag should have a flammability warning and a snug fit disclaimer stating that the pajama is not flame resistant and must be worn snug.

 Remember, pajamas for newborns to 8-month-old babies can be loose-fit or snug-fit. However, if you’re going to buy pajamas for your babies who are 9-months-old and above, choose the snug-fit, organic cotton options. They are safer and definitely more comfortable!