How Cotton Sleepwear Helps Your Little One Sleep Better

If you are looking for ways to help your baby, toddlers or children sleep through the night, sleepwear from Castleware Baby can help! If wondering how sleepwear supports children's sleep, it’s because organic cotton clothing is soft and breathable, which assists with keeping children’s body temperature at an optimal level throughout the night.

Sleep Sacks

Sleep Sacks Newborns Newborns and young infants have nervous systems that aren’t fully developed so they have a lot of reflexive movements that they are unable to control. Swaddling or placing your child in a sleep sack helps produce a feeling of security, which they have while in the womb. Sleep Sacks (also known as sleepers, wearable blankets, and sleeping bags) can be used for swaddling, which helps to soothe and calm a baby or toddler.


Sleep sacks are also a safe alternative to using a blanket, which shouldn’t be used until a baby is at least 12 months old to decrease the risk of suffocation and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Please note that while the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) may say it’s okay for your child to sleep with a blanket or toy after 1 year of age, it is still best to keep the crib empty. In addition to providing comfort and security for babies, sleep sacks help keep toddlers stay safe that try to climb out of the crib. Wearable blankets are a great way to hinder toddlers from being able to throw one leg over the side and climb out. 

Sleeper Bags for Walkers

If you aren’t trying to use a sleep sack to prevent your toddler from trying to climb out of the crib, you may be interested in Castleware Baby’s sleeper bags for walkers. These sleep sacks are made for children 6 months to 4 years of age and help with keeping them safe and cozy as they grow. Sleeper bags for walkers allow for greater mobility for early walkers and toddlers. Impossible to kick-off, these sleeper bags slip right over pajamas and open from the bottom for easy nighttime diaper changes or trips to the bathroom. 

Footie Pajamas

Footie PajamasAnother reason your baby or child may be having trouble sleeping is because of cold feet. According to the National Sleep Foundation, having warm feet before you go to bed can assist with giving your brain a clearer sleep signal that it’s time for bed. This is because when your feet are cold, they constrict blood vessels so less blood is circulating, making it more difficult for your brain to get the signal that it’s bedtime. So, by making sure your child has warmer feet, you can shorten the amount of time required for them to doze off to la-la land. Castleware baby makes a variety of organic cotton footie pajamas for babies, toddlers and kids, which provides great warmth for sleeping children.


When purchasing sleepwear from Castleware Baby please note that our sleepwear is a bit larger than standard sleepwear because we help your child have room to grow. Castleware Baby products may cost a bit more than others but our products are 100% organic, environmentally friendly, safe for your little one and designed so that your child can wear the garment longer!