Lovies and Blankets - Security and Safety

Whether it’s a lovey, blankie or a stuffed animal, the importance of security blankets for babies has been well documented. Children tend to adopt some sort of security blanket and that’s a good thing, self soothing is very important for babies to learn, not only does it give parents a break but it also helps babies to build confidence.

Children love the feel of soft and silky toys and blankets, the marketplace is full of cute options that grab the gift-givers attention but before you buy, be sure to look closer. More than likely, the cute item that caught your eye is made from polyester, a non-breathable petroleum-based product. Do you really want your baby cuddling and sucking on blankies that they cannot breathe through if it goes over their head? Probably not.

With all of our attention on the importance of safe sleep and the lessons learned from SIDS, we know that it’s extremely important to keep the airflow around the crib and keep toys out. Cotton and especially organic cotton is perfectly breathable and lets air pass through, assuring that your child can breathe comfortably while not allowing excessive heat to build up.

Lovies and security blankets tend to become an important part of a child's life when they reach 8-12 months and will be with them for many years to come. When tired, a lovey will help soothe the child to sleep. When separated from a parent, it will help reassure them. When frightened or upset, it will comfort them, and when in a strange place, it makes them feel at home.


With so much at stake, it’s important to choose wisely. Resist the impulse to buy the latest craze, mass-produced synthetic option. Instead, take a minute to explore natural alternatives. 
Our organic cotton fleece and silk Lovey is dye-free and has two different tactile fabrics to stimulate a child's brain. The fleece side is soft and fuzzy while the silk side is cool and smooth. Something for every cuddle bug!