Nursery Care for a Healthy Baby

With the advent of Covid-19 parents got busy, repeatedly cleaning their home’s surfaces and disinfecting frequently used items. Coupled with diligent hand washing and other measures, pediatrician's reported an unusually mild flu season this year.

The lesson here is a valuable one for parents of babies, particularly newborns. Enough can’t be said of the importance of keeping your baby’s environment hygienic and in order. With their immature immune systems newborns need to be protected from germs and viruses in the home. This is especially true in the first few weeks of life when infants are notoriously susceptible to bacterial infections.

Inviting serenity

Certainly the room in your home you need to pay particular attention to is the

Sleeping baby wearing a mint green, long sleeve sleep sack

nursery. From the crib to the changing table and storage shelves it is of the utmost importance to keep things clean, free of allergens and tidy. Not only does this create a safe environment for your little one, but it also makes the space serene and inviting for you. After all, the nursery is the room where so many first memories are made. 

Decorating nurseries is big business these days, but really the most important thing for parents to keep in mind is functionality. While you want your baby’s nursery to be adorable, it also needs to work for you and be easy for busy moms to clean and keep in order. Essential items are a functional changing table with plenty of storage and everything you need within reach, shelves, a dresser where clothes can be stored free from dust, good lighting and a comfy chair, where you'll be sure to spend many hours feeding and reading to your child.

Keep it well organized 

Babies may be tiny, but they grow quickly and need a lot of stuff. Be sure to have their clothes, diapers, lovey's, blankets, sleepers, footies and so much more well organized and at the ready. When it’s the middle of the night and your little one has a messy diaper and is screaming you’ll be glad you’re well prepared.

baby sitting up and looking into camera wearing a mint footie and holding a book

Wearable blankets are especially important to have on hand, as they replace crib blankets that can bunch up around an infant's face and restrict breathing. Choose organic cotton sleeper sacks in a variety of weights for every season. And ideally have several sacks in each weight in the inevitable event one gets soiled.

Keep it clean

Even before your baby arrives, wash and organize everything in the nursery. Laundry and cleaning products should be natural and free of harmful chemicals. If you do find something needs cleaning with a chemical formula product like bleach, be sure to ventilate the room or air out the item before your baby comes home. Also consider using a bleach substitute such as distilled white vinegar. While it is important for parents to avoid household chemicals, safeguarding your little one should go even further. Many baby products, from sleep wear to bedding, are manufactured with fabric that is heavily treated with chemicals at various stages of the manufacturing process. Conventional cotton is grown with genetically modified seeds and sprayed heavily with Roundup and other toxic pesticides, which stay in the fabric even after manufacturing. Yet the best fabric to keep your baby warm in the winter or cool in the heat is soft, breathable cotton. That’s why it’s so important that parents and caregivers choose organic cotton

folds of blue and ivory organic cotton fabric swirled together

As your baby grows, keeping his or her environment clean and free of chemicals should remain a top priority. Clean the nursery at least once a week, making sure not to overlook things like window coverings, floors, all surfaces and especially the crib and changing table. When your baby is out of the room, opening windows to allow for proper ventilation is another step to keep indoor pollutants away. When doing your infants' laundry you must also be diligent. Be sure baby items do not get mixed in with other household members’ laundry, as this could lead to a host of contaminants and germs coming in contact with your precious little one.

Instill healthy habits 

And as your baby grows, staying on top of cleanliness and order just might be the beginning of a lifetime of good habits for your child. Teach your toddler to wash his or her hands when they arrive home, before meals and after potty time. Always have a convenient soft basket on hand for toddlers to toss their toys into after play. This is also a good time to begin teaching them the importance of

Toddler girl kneeling on floor while pushing away a stack of blankets.

making their bed and folding their blankets.

There are so many things to do, know and remember when bringing home a new baby. But once you’re well-prepared, keeping your nursery clean, tidy and well stocked should be a breeze.