The Importance of Maintaining a Sleep Schedule During the Holidays

Let's be honest. It's been quite a bumpy year for most of us. The Coronavirus Pandemic has overhauled nearly everything in our lives. But the holiday season is peeking at the corner, ready to envelop us and offer us some reprieve. 

Granted, we may not have the usual large family reunions and endless visits with friends. The turkeys in our ovens may be a tad smaller and our kids may have to catch up with their grandparents via Zoom. 

But that's still okay.

As we inch closer to the holidays, it's tempting to indulge our kids more and veer off their daily routines. We may want to sneak in more cuddles in the evenings and tuck them in bed much later. 

Is it possible to sail through the festive season without shoving aside the kids' sleep schedule? This article will explain why kids need a calm sleep schedule and how you can stick to it in the face of all the festivity.  

Why Kids Need a Calm Sleep Schedule Even During the Holidays

A daily schedule is inevitable while raising kids. It gives them a sense of security and snuffs out anxiety.  Spontaneity doesn’t cut it where kids are concerned. It throws them for a loop. But perhaps the most important part of your kids’ schedule is their sleep routine. Here are 3 reasons why: 

1. An Irregular Sleep Schedule Triggers Behavioral Problems.

According to Medical News Today, irregular bedtimes are linked to behavioral problems in children. Erratic bedtimes lead to sleep deprivation which in turn throws their brain development out of whack. 

Sleep-deprived kids may in turn find it hard to get a grip on their emotions, may become hyperactive, and have difficulty relating with others.

2. Stretching the Kids Bedtime is Counterproductive

When kids skip their naps or fail to hit the hay in good time, parents are signing them up for tantrums and meltdowns. This means that the entire household will be held at ransom by cranky teary tots the next day. We think it’s easier to have the kids stick to their sleep routine and steer clear of the tussle. 

3. Sleep Deprivation Increases Kids Exposure to Risks. 

When kids don’t catch enough z’s they trot around in a daze. They are drowsy, lethargic, and disoriented - think jet lag. It doesn't help that the holidays are a flurry of activities. This makes them clumsy and more prone to injuries. 

How to Clutch to Your Kids Sleep Schedule During the Holidays. 

How to Clutch to Your Kids Sleep Schedule During the Holidays.

There are a few things you can do to salvage your kids' sleep routine in the face of all the merry-making. 

1. Thoughtful Planning

Your kids' sleep routine should be the overarching factor as you scoot off for an outdoor activity or a  road trip. Plan with the kids' bedtime in mind. You can for instance start a trip around your child’s naptime so that they snooze during the trip. 

If you will be attending a late dinner, carry the kids' pajamas and get them ready before leaving your host’s home. If you are lucky, you can transfer the kids to their beds without waking them. 

2. Carry their Sleep Essentials While Traveling

Does your child rely on a favorite blankie or a snug teddy bear to help them trail off to slumberland? Do they have to listen to a bedtime story before nodding off? Be sure to tag along all the items your kids need for a good night's sleep. 

3. Go Easy on Sugary Treats

The jury is still out on whether sugar triggers hyperactivity in kids and disrupts their sleep. Many parents however insist that sugar hurls their kids into a sorry state of adrenaline rush. With the holidays brimming over with candies, chocolates, and all things sugar, you need to keep an eye on how much of it your kids are chowing down.  

Final Thoughts

A child’s sleep schedule is integral in any home, sacred even. It is not something you want to toss out the window when the holidays check-in. We trust that the tips we have shared will help you have some fun without compromising your kids' sleep.