Sleeper Bag Video

Our model is 10 months old, 30" long and weighs 20 lbs. She is wearing a size medium, sleeveless fleece sleeper bag. Underneath the sack she is wearing a size medium rib knit footie in moss green. This combination is a great way to keep your baby warm and comfortable during the colder fall and winter months when bedrooms temps. can fall to 61 degrees. This sack is also available with long sleeves.

If more warmth is needed you may want to consider our best selling fleece footie sleeper as a base layer underneath a sleeveless fleece sleeper bag. Both items have a TOG rating of 2.0 and allow babies body to breathe so baby does not overheat. 

Other sleeper bags featured in the video are our sleeveless rib knit sacks which are designed for rooms between 66-80 degrees Fahrenheit. These sacks are also available with long sleeves.