How to Take Stunning Photos of Your Newborn Baby


Image: Pixabay

As a parent, one of the most cherished moments in one’s life is welcoming a newborn baby to the family. Because it’s such a fleeting period, you’ll need to capture it forever through photographs you can look back on for years to come. Unfortunately, heading to a professional studio right now isn't an option for everyone — whether it is because of the ongoing health crisis, or maybe due to your budget. But don't worry, as it's possible to have a DIY photoshoot with your newborn in your own home. And here are some tips to get stunning shots.

Proper lighting is key

Indoor lights can create weird colors and shadows, while a built-in flash can cause a deer-in-the-headlights look. Instead, find a place where you can get a lot of natural light. If needed, you can diffuse sunlight to make it look softer by simply hanging some white curtains over the window. In terms of angles, it’s best that the light comes from beside the baby or at a 45-degree angle from the head. Feel free to experiment with other kinds of lighting to make the photo look more dramatic or softer — whatever mood you're going for.

Use the right camera and settings

Having the proper gear is important, as you’ll want a camera that can capture the tiniest details — from your baby’s fingers, to their precious smile. Nowadays, there are various cameras for every skill level you can buy. If you’re looking for a simple point-and-shoot, a camera from the Ricoh GR line can do the job. You can set it to portrait mode so it blurs the background and smooths over the skin and hair. On the other hand, if you want something more professional-grade, the Canon EOS Rebel is a great choice. It boasts an excellent autofocus system to let you capture photos even when your newborn moves.

Get creative with props

When adding props, make sure that they aren't too distracting so it diverts attention from your baby. Moreover, it’s best to prioritize your newborn’s safety over a cute photo concept — so avoid placing them on items that are not stable or may harm them. For instance, you can simply position your baby with their favorite stuffed toy. Or, you can also wrap them in a security blanket to give your photo some added texture too. As for backgrounds, use blankets that don't wrinkle too much.

Keep your baby happy

A happy baby makes for a happy, stress-free photoshoot. Make sure that your shooting area is warm enough, especially if you plan to take photos of your baby with minimal or no clothes. Change their diaper, and feed them and burp them so they’re content when you start your shoot. If you want a hassle-free shoot, you can shoot your baby while they're sleeping. To keep them relaxed and asleep, you can enlist the help of white noise apps.

Taking photos of your new bundle of joy may require more effort and patience than you'd expect. However, it’s well worth the memories that you can make in the process.